We are pleased to announce the winners of this years 2021 society calendar following the photographic competition held this summer.

Chrissie Long of Country Girl Media chose her 12 winners from over 150 entries. Chrissie commented “Its been an honour to go through a fantastic set of images and well done to everyone who took the time to enter. The Kerry Hill breed is incredibly photogenic at the best of times, so the task was made harder by looking for something that really stood out. Other than looking at the finer points of an image in terms of framing, composition, contrast and focus, it’s hard to say what makes the perfect picture. So I’ve gone with a range of images that either showcase the animals to the best of their ability or have that added impact of emotion from use of the scenery or natural sunlight.”


  • January – Ailsa Forsyth – Three Farm
  • February – Rebecca Wilkin – White Syke
  • March – Nicky Burrows – Dunstarn
  • April – Nicky Burrows – Dunstarn
  • May – Samantha Brown – Belthorn
  • June – Jim Rowe – Downwood
  • July – Sarah Cook – Langridge
  • August – Chris Adamson – Whitfield
  • September – Kate Elser – Kingswater
  • October – Kate Elser – Kingswater
  • November – Chris Adamson – Whitfield
  • December – Ailsa Forsyth – Three Farm

Runners up 

  • C Adamson
  • T R Evans
  • J Rowe
  • Y Brown
  • S Brown

Calendars will be for sale at all three sales this year and also by mail order from Linda Bull via email or phone for £10 each

Click here to view the 2021 calendar