Melton Mowbray Kerry Hills reach 330 gns.

Highest price of the day was 330gns for a home-bred shearling ram from Mr CBE & Mrs B Price by a Plaish sire out of a Garregillwyd ewe. The ram was purchased by Renshaw & Brassington, Church Broughton.

Not far behind at 320gns was a ewe lamb from JC Bostock & Sons Natan flock. She was by a Cardington sire out of a home bred ewe, and was bought by Andrew Fisher for his Nidderdale flock in North Yorkshire.

Fran Cook from Cambridgeshire sold 3 ewe lambs which averaged 207gns each, some going back to Cambridgeshire to Mr M Logan and the other two to J Brain in Warwickshire.

JC Bostock & Sons 3 ewe lambs, including the top female price of 320gns , averaged 250gns each and were purchased by Mr M Logan, Cambridgeshire, A Fisher for the Nidderdale flock and K J Heaps Berrycott flock from Leicestershire.

Yearling ewes averaged 180gns for 6 sold

Ewe lambs averaged 157gns for the 16 sold

Aged rams – 1 sold at 190gns

Yearling rams averaged 165gns for 6 sold

Ram lambs averaged 160gns for the 1 sold