The Northern Ireland group have started a series of ‘Meet the Member’ that begins with the Northern Ireland Chairman Glen Latimer. Over the coming months the Northern Ireland group will role out more features of members within the group.

‘Meet the Member’ Glen Latimer

What is your flock name? Innishloughlin

What size is your flock? 12 ewes plus followers

How did you first get involved in the breed? My two sons Thomas and Adam bought the first Kerryhills back in 2011, they bred them, showed the lambs etc and I suppose like everything Daddy got interested too and now looks after the flock.

Why Kerry Hills over other breeds? Again Thomas and Adam picked the breed and I didnt really have a say at the time but I am so glad they did.

What surprised you about the breed? Yes Kerryhills have a reputation for being a bit wild, but I can safely say like everything, the more you work with them the better they behave especially in show rings. They are great mothers and very milky.

What is your biggest acheivement? Over the years for me showing good quality Kerryhills, any colour of a rosette is a bonus but being elected as Chairman of the NI Kerryhill society is probably my biggest achievement. I have also been lucky enough to be selected to judge at the south of England show in June, i will be the first person judging Kerryhills as this is a new breed for the show, feeling both excited and nervous.

What is your favourite show and why? Omagh Show because we as a society work well with the organisers and as such we are bringing our national show there this year.

What is one thing you would say to anyone interested in the breed? Go for it! You will get all the help, assistance and advice you want from our society either here in NI or across the water in the UK. Yes there is always healthy competition in the showing rings but I can assure everyone that you wont find better comradeship in any other breed.

*We hope that you have enjoyed reading this feature. If you would like to be involved in the next one please contact your group Chairman Glen Latimer. We look forward to hearing from breeders old and new.