Council members have put together the following points and ask that all members take these on board whether judging or exhibiting.


  • Judges must keep away from the sheep pens until judging has been completed.
  • Use your own judgement rather than be intimidated by exhibitors. Do not feel a sheep has to win just because it has won previously, if you feel that it is not warranted on the day.
  • If an exhibitor tries to influence or intimidate a judge, the judge has every right to ask his steward to request that person to leave the ring.
  • Judges are asked to take into consideration that some exhibitors are more able than others at show preparation. A good quality sheep can win even though it may be untrimmed.
  • Judges are encouraged to go to the pens after judging and offer explanations to exhibitors as to their placings.
  • Judges and members must be reminded not to enter exhibitor’s pens at shows without the owner’s consent.


  • Correct dress to be worn, white coats, shirt/tie. Shorts are not allowed.
  • Prize winners must be led out of the ring by the first prize winner.
  • No smoking allowed in the ring.
  • Learn self-control in and out of ring.